Veszprém and its region, the Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills offer a wide range of entertainment opportunities for all age groups.

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Programs and facilities

Sightseeing tour in Veszprém

  • Castle with the Fire Tower or " Lookout Tower", Arthouse Veszprém, Modern Art Gallery - Vass László Collection, Dubniczay Palace-László Károly Collection, Csikász Gallery, Tegularium, Archbishop's Palace, St. Michael's Cathedral, Queen Gisella Museum, St. George Chapel, Gizella Chapel, Statue of King St. Stephen and Queen Gisella
  • Laczkó Dezső Museum – it presents archaeological, historical and folkloric relics of the Bakony Mountains and of the highlands of Lake Balaton.
  • Kálmán Kittenberger Zoo and Gulya Hill – about 500 entities of 120 species live today on the 13 hectares territory of the Zoo.

Hiking in Bakony Hills

  • visiting the Bakony Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Arboretum in Zirc, the ruins of Csesznek castle, the House of Forests in Bakonybél, the Windmills in Tés

Visiting the Porcelanium and Porcelain Museum of Herend

Visiting the Balaton Uplands National Park

  • Lóczy Cave in Balatonfüred, Geological Demonstration Site of Hegyestű, Nature Conservation Farm in Salföld, Lake Cave of Tapolca, Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta

Hiking in Balaton Uplands

  • visiting the Excavations in Baláca, Roman villa, farm and cemetery on Likas-hill (on the boundary of Nemesvámos)
  • Nagyvázsony: Kinizsi Castle Museum, Postal Museum
  • Tihany: Benedictine Abbey Church and Museum, Echo-hill, Skanzen (Outdoor village museum)
  • Boat trip on Lake Balaton from Balatonfüred

Adventure tours

  • Kislőd, Sobri Jóska Adventurepark
  • Balatonfüred, Annagora Aqua- & Wellnesspark
  • Balatonfűzfő, Leisure Park, Sherpa adventurepark, bobsleding, paintball
  • Cycling around Lake Balaton and in Bakony Hills


  • Veszprém Spring Festival, Csermák Days Music Festival, Gizella Days, Veszprém Festival Days, Bruskers' Festival, organ concerts, Festival of the Dance, open air festival, Streetmusic Festival, wind orchestra festival, international choir festival, Kabóciádé puppet festival, national folk handicraft market, etc.



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